Finals Week

I love finals week. Let me back up a bit. I love finals week being an art major. Finals week for me has always consisted of lots of projects and maybe one written final for a class that's not in the art department. But it does require a lot of work outside of class before the final, just not studying! I can't remember the last time I really studied hard for a test. :) So needless to say, these photos are for my digital photography class final....or let me say, my "experimental photography" class. The name was actually changed to that after a class discussion yesterday. Yay Nil! Anyways, the assignment was extremely open to anything, so here's what I came up with. I basically wanted to capture tons of expressions from a single person and be able to see them all at once. I love how they turned out! I really think you can see the personality in each individual really come out in the photos! Let me know what you think!

above: Joel, my dear sweet fiance! Isn't he expressive?! Love you!

above: Kellie, my roommate and maid of honor. Love this girl :) She crazy.

above: Tab, one of my bridesmaids and dear friends. She's a hoot, check out her winky face! haha, love you!

above: Jana, my roommate and another bridesmaid! Silly girl, I asked her to make an angry face at one point(3rd row, 3rd pic), and that's what she came up with. haha, she's just too sweet! love you!

above: Justin, Jana's fiance and my film class pal. This guy's got some faces, check out the 3rd row, 2nd pic, it's my favorite. :)

Thanks to all of you who helped me out with this project! And all my other projects for that matter! You all are wonderful subjects, have you thought about modeling? ;)