Arthur & Dexter | Pet Photography

Just days before Joel and I's wedding, I spent a lovely evening with an old friend, her husband, and her crazy puppy dogs. Morgan and I met in the 8th grade, back in Kingwood, Texas, and ended up being head editors together of our high school's yearbook our senior year! And I'll tell you what, for it's time, that yearbook kicked some major butt. After going through ACU's graphic design program, and what I know about photography now, that yearbook isn't looking so hot. I mean, our school's colors were 2 shades of blue, so of course the cover was blue. NOT. We thought it'd be brilliant to make it SEAFOAM GREEN. Ahhhhh. We will never live that one down. Oh yearbook. :)

Anyways, Morgan and Ethan had me over for dinner and lots of catching up. It'd been years since I'd seen her! It's such a great feeling to reconnect with friends you haven't seen for a while. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks again for having me over! 

I'll leave you with this. Meet Arthur and Dexter. These two are The Mooney's little pooches. Sweet little treasures. Dexter is the little black one, and Arthur is the brown and white one. 

above: love this one for some reason :) i can't pinpoint it. 

It was so good seeing you again Morgan! Let's do it again next time we're in Houston! :)