Heather & David | Playa Del Carmen Wedding Part I

Last weekend, I had the shear delight to capture Heather and David's wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! The wedding was held at the resort everyone stayed at, the Occidental Grand Flamenco Hotel. It was AMAZING!! And, all-inclusive :) Ah, I'm taking Joel with me next time. So needless to say, if you're looking for an incredible get-away locale, this is it. Great rooms, beautiful weather, helpful staff, lots of pools, beach front, beach beds, hammocks! You name it. I don't care what you say...I'M GOING BACK! Such a wonderful break from the real-world. I flew in to this tropical oasis from a place that still had bits of snow on the ground. So yes, I was thrilled to go :) 

Anyways, enough chat from me. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view :) 

Let's start with the rehearsal dinner.

(above) the adorable flower girl.

The next morning, I woke up with the goal to relax, explore the resort, and get some yummy morning light photos. Well, I took a map of the resort with me, you know, just in case,....well, there's no "just in case" to it. I got completely lost even using the map! And I'm a map-reader. I finally ran into someone that was out as early as me who could help me find my way! This is awful, but I didn't even catch his name! It was a nice Canadian man from Thunder Bay that was out to get some coffee for his wife. He must really love his wife, because he made quite the trek to get it for her! Anyways, he showed me the Mayan ruins on the resort property and the way to the gazebo where the wedding was to be held. Thanks Thunder Bay! You ROCK!

ah, sweet sweet paradise :) am i right?!

(above, bottom right) I saw these little figurines everywhere on my trip. And by everywhere I mean, the resort gift shop and the Cancun Airport. I just thought the craftwork of these were pretty sweet. A little creepy being the whole "day of the dead" thing, but other than that, I can say I appreciate this for the craft. Maybe not so creepy if i knew more about it, but that's that. Still, pretty cool huh?

(below) Heather's garter is an old family heirloom. Plus it served as something old, borrowed, and blue! It was mailed to her in a rather large box for protection. Heather kept saying, "i feel like it's just going to disentigrate!" 

Heather's dress was absolutely gorgeous, and seemed to really fit her style. Very vintage/chic. I adooored the lace. :)

Off to the ceremony!!