Heather & David | Playa Del Carmen Wedding Part II

So here's round 2 of Heather and David's amazing wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The weather on Saturday was just so bizarre, but it actually worked out beautifully! In the morning, it was sunny and clear, by noon it was cloudy and overcast, by 4:00 (ceremony time) the sun came back out, and right after the ceremony the dark clouds came rolling in. And not just that, with that they brought the rain. Enough that the reception had to be relocated! I'd say thanks to an amazing staff at the Occidental Grand Flamenco Excaret the plan B came around so smoothly. Anyways, take a look, and enjoy the view :)

(below) Heather and David had a close friend of theirs recite a poem during their ceremony that was actually recited at Heather's parents' wedding. 

(below) in Mexico, you have to put your fingerprints on your marriage license as part of the ceremony. I love this series! :)

(above) check out those storm clouds directly after the ceremony! We literally had about 5 minutes to take photos of Heather and David after "I do" before the rain!

(above) YESSSS!!

(above) i mean seriously, Heather, you're SOO STUNNING!

I love this next little series. We were scurrying back to a dry place, and I asked them to kiss under the umbrella for me. So they kissed, then David leaned in again, grabbed Heather, and said, "I want to just kiss you again!" Ah, I love love :)

(above) not even kidding, just minutes after the ceremony was over. Talk about weather change. It may not be sunny, but it was still beautiful :) Off to the reception!

(below) new favorite ring shot. yummmmm :) get it?! ice for the ice?! yeah, i know, i'm cheesey. get over it :)

Thank you all so much for asking me to capture your day! I had such a great time in Mexico and hope to go again someday! And next time Joel is definitely coming with me! Fo' sho. 

Heather and David, you were an absolute dream to work with. Thanks for letting me share in capturing such special memories in your lives. I wish you both the very best and hope Antigua was AMAZING!!