"Epic" Snow on the East Coast!


So last week's post was about baking cherry pie because there was so much snow outside. Well, surprise! There's even MORE now! On Friday and Saturday, the snow was practically nonstop. It was just beautiful falling down. I caught myself several times just staring out the window taking it all in, with a warm glass of tea in hand, of course :) And naturally, since it was so gorgeous outside, I dressed up my studley hubby to go outside and take some snow photos! Thanks Joel! And by the way, these were all shot in our backyard because we were snowed in until this afternoon. While the neighborhood was out shoveling snow, i was doing my part by working hard to make some homemade chocolate chip cookies! haha, go figure. Anyways, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show :)

mmmmm, snowy goodness :)

(above: see how caked the snow gets on Betty when she plays in it?! She has to get a warm bath afterwards to get it off. But the thing is, she wants to play in the snow ANY chance she gets!! So when it snows around here, I know to get the bath towels ready for her. )

(above: I just couldn't resist :) Love you honey!!