I Dream in Colors | Business Identity

Last night I tossed and turned, and hardly got a wink of sleep. When I've got something on my mind, it's all-consuming. This time, it was all about color. Over a month ago, I did a total rebranding for Korie Lynn Photography. Something young, fresh, modern, and approachable. I've been thinking constantly about it lately, trying to figure out what just doesn't fit for me. I think I've finally figured it out. After much discussion with Joel, I realized I was trying to do something that was different than what I've seen out there. Problem is, I've made it so different that it's just not me. Here it is...I'm not a fan of the red. The red has got to go. And with that, the whole color scheme has to change. All day I've been redeveloping my new color scheme getting ready to launch my last branding change. I just haven't been convinced that what I have currently will last with me as time goes by. 

So, I'm going with my gut. I picked colors that I constantly surround myself with. One, I used in our wedding and on our kitchen wall, and the other, it's on the walls in our living room. Basically, I want my business design to look like our home! It just feels right :)

I'm proud to say this, I love my current logo. I'm not changing it for anything. Well, I'm taking out the heart :( But that's it. It's unlike anything I've seen out in the photography world and I'm thrilled to call it mine. Yay! This is a big step for me, you should have seen how many logos I went through last season!

So keep a close eye on my blog and website, some new beautiful colors will be up before you know it. I really hope you enjoy the changes as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by!

And hey, let me know what you think! ...about the current design, and the chance for a new one :) I'm keeping the new colors a secret though. shhhhh!