Joelle & Marq | Williamsburg, VA Engagement

World Wide Web, meet Joelle and Marq. This couple just makes me smile :)

Last Saturday, Joel and I got the chance to spend an afternoon with Joelle and Marq in good ol' Colonial Williamsburg, VA. We met them both for lunch at the Green Leafe Cafe for some delectable sandwiches. OH YUUMMM. It was so wonderful to be able to sit down and get to know them before the session even began. Joelle is a nurse (correct me if I'm wrong) in an OBGYN unit, and Marq is a master plumber. I say this, because the way he proposed was so fitting!! I bout died when I heard it! Joelle was to meet Marq at a mutual friend's house to ride together to a Christmas function with the church. Again, correct me if I've got the story wrong! When she arrived, there were notes and string leading her to different places throughout the house. One of the last notes was placed in the bathroom where she discovered a ring box floating in a bowl in the tank of the toilet! When she fished it out and opened the box, there was a fake plastic ring inside! Her real ring was with Marq waiting outside :) Isn't that so clever?! Ah, I love it. 

We had a complete blast shooting this contagiously happy couple. You'll understand when you see the photos :) And I know I can say this, I can't wait for your wedding!! It's going to be perfect! 

Enough chat, take a look at the photos and enjoy! Brace yourself, I had a TON of favorites :)

(above: you like?!)

Did I mention they had icecream during the session!? Perfection :) Haha, I love these. 

(above: this makes me giggle. He pulled her in close to give her raspberries on her forehead!)

(above: Some of these tree photos reminded me of Forest Gump. You know, when Forest and Jenny were in the tree?! "And I taught her how to dangle" -Forest. LOVE THAT MOVIE!)

Get ready for this next one :) 

They've got some ups!

And I will leave you with one point during the session, Marq put on Joelle's magenta coat and completely reenacted Tommy Boy to make her laugh. "Fat guuuy in a liiiittle coat." I can still hear him saying it and swinging his arms! It was so funny! Thank you for being flat out AWESOME, Marq.  

You both rock. I can't wait for your wedding!