The Magic Vase | Personal

When we sat down at our rehearsal dinner back in October, in front of me was a card, a bridal minnie mouse hat, and a gorgeous vase full of yellow lillies. As soon as I saw them, it had Joel's name written all over them. I opened the card to learn that I had just received a "magical vase." It said something along the lines of, "unlike most vases, this one has magic powers. When the flowers in it die, new ones will reappear!" FOREVER!! Yes, yes, flowers for life!!! This really is the best gift a girl could ever get. He knew it'd be just perfect. I love a fresh vase full of flowers, they just bring everything to life. Not to mention so beautiful to look at :) ahhhh, sappy me. 

In college, Joel worked for a semester at a local flower shop. Who knew a few years later he'd be working with flowers so often! I'm convinced he's got a gift here. He doesn't just go to the store and pick up an arrangement. Oh no. He goes, picks out the bundles individually, and comes home to arrange them just how he sees fit. He's really put together some amazing bouquets. He puts things together I'd never imagine working, and they're flawless. 

This is the latest batch of flowers that graces our home. Sunflowers, purple daisies, orange gerbers, and something red (I forget the name). 

This is for you, Joel. I love you so much, and adore the flowers you bring home :) Thank you hunny!