Tricia & Caleb | Fredericksburg, VA Engagement

If I had one word to describe this couple, it'd be RELAXED. ahhhh :)

Due to the unusual amount of snow our area has been getting lately, I've had to reschedule multiple sessions simply because we couldn't get the cars out of the driveway. Don't get me wrong, I am LOVING the crazy amount of snowfall up here, but Spring?! WHERE ARE YOU?! I can't wait for you to come :)

Meet Tricia and Caleb. They are sooo easy going, and incredibly comfortable with each other in front of the camera. Which is always a plus :) But their love for one another was so evident to me, talk about truly loving someone. As I went through the photos, I loved being able to see how many times Tricia caught Caleb's eye. Just seeing the way he looked at her through the photos was so special :) This amazing couple was willing to brave the cold and snow for a mini photo session. I was so pumped!! I've been just itching to do a shoot in this snow, it's so beautiful! The second half of their session will be up in a few weeks. Anyways, they drove down 2 hours for the shoot, stopped by Caleb's to get his snow boots and 2 chihuahuas, and guess what!? They got stuck in the driveway!! I'm telling you, this snow up here is just bonkers. 

So with coats on and dogs in hand, we took a little stroll. We took photos for under an hour, and I must say, I have so many favorites!! So sit back, relax, grab some hot cocoa, and enjoy :)

above: I can't say the little pooches liked the snow very much :( TOO COLD!!

above: you like??

above: definite new fav :)

above right: I know I already posted this photo, but i couldn't decide between the color or black and white to post. I just couldn't resist. Plus, I'm falling in love with black and white photos all over again :) yesssss.

above: AHHH!!! LOOOVE IT!

above: what do you think? I'm working on my side lighting. 

These last couple photos are courtesy of my wonderful husband! He joined us on the shoot! I was so happy to have him there with me :) Thanks hun!

Thanks again Tricia and Caleb! I look forward to round 2! I hope you find some photos you love :)