Fondant Amazingness | Spotlight

Check this out. I couldn't believe my eyes when it was presented to me! My amazing sister-in-law surprised me with a birthday cake!!! In December, she made her son's birthday cake for his 1st birthday and it was unbelievable. She pieced together a caterpillar from a children's storybook. I forget the name. Anyways, after seeing her killer culinary skills, I told her I wanted her to make my birthday cake. Well, my birthday was in February, and since she lives 4 hours away, she wasn't able to make it for her trip this time, she brought this cake!! AMAZING RIGHT?! And get this, it was her first go at a fondant cake. Whooooooa. Blew me away. 

Danea, you've got some serious talent. I can't wait to see what you do next! :)