St. Patrick's Dinner Featuring the Photo Booth!

Ok, we're working on the name for our photobooth. Any ideas?! "Funny Booth??" Help would be much appreciated :)

This past Saturday, my mother-in-law, another lady from church, and myself helped to throw a St. Patrick's dinner up at the church. I'd say it was such a success! It was like a small scale wedding reception; food, centerpieces, entertainment, and a photo booth! ...and then there was the cleanup. Just like a reception, right?! Hah. 

I edited these much heavier than I normally do. What do you think? I was going for a "memory" type look. Anyways, let me hear your thoughts on it :)

Also, the second half of this post features our latest and greatest addition to Korie Lynn Photography. Our photobooth! Yes, we're still working on the name, it's just got to be perfect. But for now...The Funny Booth. The Funny Booth is a great addition to wedding receptions to get silly photos of your guests, rather than mediocre photos of them around their dinner tables with food half eaten. So yes, more details on the booth to come :) 

Take a look. 

And now for the Funny Booth :)

Yes, we know, we're one stinkin' hot couple :)