6 Month-Aversary! | Personal

This past Friday, Joel and I celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary! Yaaaay! I just love being married to my best friend. It's the greatest feeling in the world getting wake up next to him :)...I love our mornings together before sending him off to work, and I love it even more when he comes home :) There are so many little things I cherish now than I ever thought possible; just wait until we're 50 years into this gig! And of course, we have our differences, but I can already tell it's starting to get easier to forgive and forget whatever it was that got me upset in the first place. Yes, I admit, I'm usually the one who gets flustered and upset...Joel's the cool, calm, and collected type (I love that about him). I mean, he's just so laid back. He's my sanity. And my biggest fan. He was always the one who believed in me and told me I could make it in this industry. He's my Joel! Here's to you sweetheart! I love you to the moon! 

And what's a post without a few photos :) To celebrate, we prepared a scrumptious meal together and ate it on our fine china! Which was wonderful, by the way...I loved having an excuse to finally pull it out and use it. It's just so beautiful :) Take a look.