Ashley & Noah | Ft. Worth Engagement Photographer

This whole session was so fantastic! Amazing couple, awesome locations, great clothes...the only thing that would have made it absolutely perfect was if it was about 20 degrees warmer! It was soooo cold! And add that lovely Texas wind to the mix and it was FREEZING! 

I'd been in touch with Ashley for months before this session. We'd been trying to coordinate my trips to Texas with her school schedule, and voila! We made it happen! AMEN! It was such a blessing to shoot Ashley and Noah. These high school sweethearts are both so fun-loving, gentle with each other, and in love :) Made my job really easy! And they both have very laid-back attitudes. They accidentally locked their car keys in their vehicle without me knowing, walked over towards me and acted like nothing happened. We took some photos at that spot, and as we were about to get in our cars, they said, "by the way, we locked our keys in the car!" I would have panicked immediately! But they both were so cool and calm about it. I was impressed :) 

So world, meet Ashley and Noah. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show...I had a lot of favorites :)


Thanks again for asking me to take your photos! :)