Photog get together in Richmond! | Portraits

On Saturday, I joined Rachel on a little trip down to Richmond for an unofficial VPPA photographer meet/greet/shoot/learn session. I think that's about right :) There were a lot of great photographers, models, stylists, etc there to teach and mingle about. Anyways, I didn't know about the "shoot" part, I think I thought this thing was just a "let's meet other photogs in the area!" type thing. (I've never been to one of these before) Well, Rachel graciously shared her camera with me, sweet right?! So here's a few photos from the day. Literally, just a few, very unlike me. This sweet girl in the field had the BEST hair for a young girl, isn't it so whimsical?! I want it. And the last 2 were when Rachel and I were exploring the studio lighting set-up. Enjoy! 

Rach, the photo on the right is soooo you!