The Fischers | Austin, TX Family Portraits

I am so excited to share this post. First of all, I'm back and blogging...sorry for the 2 week hiatus. I was in Texas for 2 weeks, then took a few days off when I came back to Virginia. It was nice playing housewife for a couple days; I cleaned, cooked, went grocery shopping, watched way too many Desperate Housewives episodes...wait, still do that...hah, anyways. It's good to be back :)

Meet the Fischers. Michael, Cindy, Ashley, and Victoria. Michael and Cindy are renewing their wedding vows this May in their backyard, on the newly completed deck they built. The deck is extra important because they originally were married on a deck similar to the one they just finished! Isn't that sweet?! I love it. 

This session was so full of life. This family was just so refreshing to be around! We rolled around in the grass, had a wine picnic under the trees at their home, and tromped through a muddy Texas field. Check out the shoes below, you'll see what I'm talking about :)

On another note, my mom and Cindy met at the massage school they are both currently attending in Austin. That's right, massage school. Sound like a dream? Well it is!! They learn to give massages and receive massages on a weekly basis. Talk about wonderful. While I was visiting, I had my fair share of massages...I miss them by the way! Haha. I even received one from Cindy. Which was amazing!! Makes me wish I was a masseuse...or was best friends with one :)

Well, sit back, take a look at the photos, go get a massage, whatever! Enjoy :)

I had such a great time with ya'll! I hope you find some photos you can't live without! :)