The Magic Vase, Again! | Personal

Look how pretty!! These are the latest beauties that liven up our home :) My favorite in the bunch are the Protea...we had them in our wedding, so they will always have special meaning to me :) And for the roses...Joel never gets me roses because he says, "they aren't original." And it's fine by me because I'm not a rose girl! But these roses just caught his eye and inspired him to create a bunch around them. Neat right?! The yellow and red?! Anyways, for those of you who don't know, this is the "magic vase" I received from my husband  the day before we got married. Check out the full story here. Basically, it's flowers for life!! You heard it right! Whenever the vase is empty, new flowers just show up! And when they ones come! It's absolutely wonderful. Joel knows how much I love having fresh flowers around :)

I've decided to make taking photos of each batch of flowers part of the process; then, as the years go by, I eventually want to compile a book of all the different flowers from Joel :) I like the idea of being able to look back on them all, wouldn't you?! Anyways, enjoy the photos!

Joel, thanks so much for the beautiful flowers!! I love you! xoxo