Ashley & Carlin | Oak Grove, VA Engagement

A couple weeks ago, I drove over to Oak Grove, VA for Ashley and Carlin's engagement session! This is the place Carlin grew up, and they plan on continuing to live here after they tie the knot this October. They are getting married at Ingleside Winery and I can't wait! Big juicy grapes should be on the vine by then :) WOOO!! 

Ashley is a middle school math teacher, 7th grade to be exact, and Carlin works for the Navy. For their session, we thought we'd start at Wakefield, George Washington's birthplace, but they weren't open quite yet when we arrived. So we drove around the property a bit, and found this DELICIOUS field just begging us to frolic around in it for a while. I couldn't resist. I LOVE a good field!!! mmmmmm :) After that, we drove up and down the main drag in the area and went to the old, abandoned elementary school. Turn's out Carlin's dad went there as a kid...or was it your grandfather? 

I had such a fantastic time with you both! I can't wait for your winery wedding this fall! It's going to be beautiful!!

I hope you enjoy the photos :) Take a look.

Ashley, you're GORGEOUS!!

above: our very loose interpretation of American Gothic...minus the pitchforks...and overalls...we couldn't pass up using this old bathtub we found! Ok, so very very loose interpretation...but it inspired this photo! TAKE THAT!!