Joelle & Marq | Virginia Beach, VA Wedding

"So I put my hands up, they're playin' my song
The butterflies fly away
I'm noddin' my head like "yeah!"
Movin' my hips like "yeah!"
Got my hands up, they're playin' my song
And now I'm gonna be okay
Yeah! It's a party in the USA!
Yeah! It's a party in the USA!"
:: When I think about Joelle and Marq's wedding, I have this vivid image of all their guests on the dance floor completely getting down to Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA!! It. was. AWESOME!!! I've never seen so many people with such energy jumping around to Miley!! 
:: The entire day was just beautifully sweet. And so very Joelle and Marq. To start the day, Joel and I met up with Joelle, her mother and grandmother, and her bridesmaids at the salon for hair and makeup. When Joelle arrived, she was just so cool and calm. Very relaxed. So nice to be around :) Next, we met up with Marq and his groomsmen for a little pre-wedding basketball game at the park! I loved it! They're such a fun group, so it was very fitting that's what they decided to do before the ceremony. 
:: And did I mention the weather was GORGEOUS?! Well, it was :) Trust me. 
:: Now the ceremony. Oh my goodness, it was so personal. So lovely all in all. Marq is really close with the minister that performed their ceremony, and it really showed. The message he delivered was so beautiful and catered completely to Joelle and Marq. It really was quite something :) 
:: Directly after the ceremony, Joelle and Marq blocked off about 45 minutes for Joel and I to shoot just an old lighthouse! The Old Cape Henry Lighthouse! Photographer's dream?! YES. Yes, yes yes! Talk about AMAZING!!
:: I'm telling you, Joelle and Marq know how to plan one killer day. It was so much fun just being there and being around their friends and family! Thank you both so much for allowing Joel and I to share such a cherished day in your lives! You both truly are a blessing!!
:: Enjoy the photos, there's a lot. I might have had a lot of favorites :) Surprised? Hah, let me know what you think!
(above: hair and makeup inspiration. Love it!)
(above: Work it giiiiiirl!)
And now off for some pre-wedding basketball with the guys!
Back to the church!
And now for the ceremony. I love the photo below on the left. When Marq came out, he not only chest bumped the minister, but all his groomsmen as well!! So funny! And definitely a first in my book!
(above: directly after the ceremony. I can't tell you how many little moments they stole with each other that day. I just can't get over how sweet it all was...*swooon!*)
And now for our little mini session at the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse! Woo!!
(above right: Just to clear things up, Joelle is going down an old, dirty VERTICAL ladder in her wedding gown. We had to get up and down that lighthouse somehow! Now that's dedication!! Gotta hand it to her!!)
(above left: favorite shot of the day. It just makes me smile.)
Like I said, really fun group :) Now, off to the reception!
(above photos: PARTY IN THE USA!!)
i hope you both enjoyed your honeymoon in the Dominican Republic!
Thanks again for sharing such a special day with me!