Leesburg Shootout | Part III

Alright, here's part 2 of the shoot! Annie and Jay were our fabulous bride and groom models for the afternoon :) I spent most of my time at their station and one other station for the afternoon...what can I say?! They were great to work with! The last installment of this style shoot will be up soon :)

I went into this whole gig thinking about how I could play and experiment with the shooting. Especially to aim for something unique being that 20 or so more photographers would have the same models, lighting, poses, etc. Well, I revisited some ideas presented to me back in a digital photography class I took at ACU. The class was very experimental itself, looking for different ways to think about photography...different ways to approach it. Anyways, one of the assignments I remember fondly was to find something to shoot through to make your image. Like...saran wrap, broken glass, jello, jelly, smoke, etc...Well, during this shoot, I shot through balloons!! WOOOO!! See the purple on 2 of those images? Balloons. Not added in photoshop. I'm totally digging it. The two with purple I posted are pretty much straight out of camera with slight adjustments on my part. 

Soooo....what do you think?! Seriously, let me know. I definitely would like to do this more often. I love what it does to the photos. I just want to try it with more colors now :)

...more balloon shots are in the future?! Yes or yes?! Thank you, Nil, for teaching that awesome class back at ACU!!