Poppies | They don't have these in TEXAS!!

...Or at least I haven't seen them there. When I was leaving a session a couple weeks ago, I couldn't resist these poppies!!! They were just sitting there waiting for me to come over and shoot them! Seriously. That's how it went down. The median on the highway was completely covered in this gorgeous sea of red poppies...would you be able to resist?! Only thing that would have made this little trip into the middle of the road would have been if Joel were there with me :) Mushy, I know, but I just love sharing little moments like these with him!! 

So to my Texan blog readers...have you seen anything like this in Texas?! Masses of poppies just there for the taking?! Well, probably not taking....I'm sure there's some sort of law against that.

I'm really loving Virginia right about now :) ahhh. God bless it :)