Rachel & Justin | Fredericksburg, VA Couple

World, meet Rachel and Justin. I met up with Rachel for the first time a couple months ago for coffee. That first day we met, being another fellow photog(what what!), I threw out the idea that we should swap sessions. So we did! And I'm sooooo glad! You can check out our swap here :) Anyways, let me start off by saying I was honored to take these photos for Rachel and Justin. They've been married 6 years, 7 on May 31, and have 3 of the cutest kids I've ever seen. I kid you not. Completely adorable. Anyways, Rachel was telling me they never had engagement photos or couple photos taken of just the two of them. So we were all excited that day! This couple proves the notion that the longer you're married, the more in love you become with one another. It's one thing to be in love and preparing yourselves for marriage, but it's another to have been through life, moving, kids, jobs, bills, etc for years with your honey :) Yes?! Haha, and check out how many photos are of them just laughing. Justin really knows how to get Rachel laughing, it's fantastic! I can't tell you how many movies they quoted during they're session, but apparently I need to watch Major Payne. It's one of their all time favorites :) Rachel and Justin, I had such a great time shooting you both and getting to know you. I hope you find some photos in here you'll just cherish!! Take a look :)

(above: It's like the classic photo of a couple when they buy a new house! I couldn't resist :) )