Sheela & Mickey | Richmond, VA Wedding

This past Saturday, I drove down to Richmond to grab a bite to eat, talk shop, and shoot the sweetest wedding held at Celebrations at the Reservoir with David of David Abel Photography. He asked if I was free to back him up a couple weeks ago for this particular wedding. It worked out great! Well, minus the weather it worked out great. We checked the doppler radar just before we arrived...and it was only a matter of time before the rain hit. Luckily, the entire ceremony was dry :) WOOO!! Everyone was pretty thrilled! The reception was in a covered tent...and it rained solid for the rest of the evening. I even sat in a puddle for a shot I was determined to get...yes. I will sit in a puddle for you and have a wet butt for the rest of the evening to get "the shot." Holla!! Hah, anyways, check out Sheela and Mickey's big day, and enjoy! Thanks again, David, for asking me to shoot with you! Be sure to go check out his work! 
And to end this entry...I just had to post the ring shot. Ok, let me just explain...I was completely determined to get this shot for some reason. And it had to be this: me, under a wet glass table, in the rain, rings on the glass, worm's eye perspective, lighting from the side. ALL of the above. Well, to make that happen and get myself under the table, I had to willingly plop my butt in a huge puddle. So I did. For the last hour and a half of the wedding, I walked around with a soggy bottom. TRUE STORY! But ya know, once I have my mind set on something, I'll do whatever it takes to make it happen...even if in the end it wasn't the best shot...or even a great was in my head, and that's all that matters :)