Lisa & David | Fredericksburg, VA Engagement

I'm pleased to present to you the fabulous Lisa and David. This session was nothing short of fun and games, and lots of laughter! And of course engaged, excited loooove :) Lisa is working on her doctorate in physical therapy, and David is in the military currently serving in Iraq. He had a 10 day leave from Iraq in May, so we squeezed in a session while he was in the states. I'm so glad we did! I hope you both enjoyed the session as much as I did shooting it! 

Lisa and David share a love for slurpies, sports, and playing games(they loooove scrabble). Also, they're wedding colors are a deep purple and yellow, so we wanted to incorporate all these things into their session. Rock on right?! Also, they had seen some water photos before and were brave enough to handle to it...and not knowing where any fountains are in Fredericksburg, we hit up the carwash. Oooooh yes. Talk about AMAZING!! Plus, it gave me a chance to put a little twist on those photos! Let me know what you think :)

After the session, David, Lisa, and Lisa's mom, Judy, took Joel and I out to dinner at Hard Times. It was so great to just relax and chat over food, getting to know everyone. I love that! Thank you all so much!! I look forward to seeing you all again! And just can't wait until the wedding!! July 2, 2011! Hope you enjoy the photos, take a look :)

(above: thumb wars!)

Next up...SCRABBLE!

(sidenote: I have the best mother-in-law ever. See those yellow chairs? Well, they're her porch chairs...and they weren't yellow before. After scouring the town with no luck finding old chairs to paint, she graciously let me paint hers!! Thank you, Donna!! Also, remember that ring shot I just haaaad to get? And it cost me a wet butt for the evening? Well, this was the same mindset and determination...I just had to have yellow chairs for their session. There was no getting around it. This time it cost me yellow boogers. Gross right? Next time I spray paint, I will use a mask.)

(above: they actually played a game while I was shooting. Perfect right?!)

And now for some sweet carwash love :)

Hope ya'll found some you love!