Sprinkles Cupcakes | Coming Soon to DC! | Spotlight

In honor of Sprinkles Cupcakes soon opening in Washinton DC, I thought I'd make a little trip while I was in Dallas! They were supposed to open this summer, but it's been moved to the fall 2010. What's another couple months?! I can wait...it's well worth it :)

Things you must know about Sprinkles:

1. They make the best cupcakes EVER. 

2. They have too many wonderful flavors...but you have to check what they have available before you go, because each day of the week is different!

3. They have cute packaging. Simple. To the point. Makes me smile every time. 

4. My favorite: Lemon Coconut...or Lemon :) Both favorites. 

5. Brides, they do weddings!

6. They can put anyone in a better mood...they're not just cupcakes...they're AMAZING cupcakes!! 

7. They even make doggie cupcakes. Not even kidding. 

8. If you've never been, you've got to go....NOW.

9. If you go...you must bring me one (see #4). I'm sorry, but a rule's a rule!! :)

Is your mouth watering yet?