Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro IS USM Lens Review | Spotlight

First of all, I want to warn you...This review was compiled after one short evening of shooting. Just a heads up :)

The UPS man brought me something quite delightful today! My much awaited macro lens. Ahhhh. Sweet sweet goodness. I recently invested in Canon's 100mm 2.8L macro IS USM lens because I was in need of a macro. I've been frustrated with getting the crispness in ring shots that I desire, and my other lenses just weren't getting as close as I wanted. Or as tack sharp. So lo' and behold! Problem solved. 

I ripped open the box and instantly attached it to my camera for a little personal ring session. Why not?! I did get it for rings! I have to say, I was a little startled by the sound it makes when auto-focusing, and even wonder if it's normal for this lens. I read reviews before buying it, but didn't read anything on the sound of the motor. The auto-focus works just fine, great actually, but I found myself 80% of this shoot using manual focus. I could get even closer with the manual! Ah, it was a wonderful, freeing feeling :) And it's new for me, I don't do a ton of manual focusing...maybe that'll change? Who knows. Anyways. The weight of the lens didn't surprise me either. It's a heavier lens for sure, but I think if you use other prime lenses you'll be used to it (my other go-to lens is Canon's 24mm 1.4L II, and it's a heavy little sucker). 

Now, I'm anxious to take it out and use it for portraits and ceremony shots...I want to see how it does there :) You can use a macro for distance too, right?! That was another selling point for me. I sure hope so! So that leaves me with no choice but to do a follow up with portrait results!

For now, check out the lens and the product it puts out. Enjoy!

And since I purchased the lens mainly for ring shots, I used Joel and I's :) I just have to say, I love my wedding ring. It means so much to me, and I love the fact that I had nothing to do with picking it out. Joel did TONS of research looking for his ideal ring for me, and boy did he find it! This shot doesn't show it, but it's got this beautiful engraved flourish down the sides of the band that I just adore. Maybe I should have taken photos of that part too. Hello! MACRO!! Anyways, look how clear!! 

And here's Joel's ring! It's tungsten with a middle band of sterling silver. When it was new, it didn't have any scratches, but now, just the sterling part is COVERED in them. It's fantastic! It's like rugged meets clean and pristine. Yes!? I think so. 

Anyways, that's what I have to say about the macro 100mm 2.8L lens for now! Hope that helped, or at least sparked a little interest in this bad boy!