Lindsey & Eric | Dallas, Tx Wedding

A few weeks ago, I had the shear blessing of capturing Lindsey and Eric's wedding in Dallas, Texas. Talk about a beautiful wedding :) Lindsey and Eric are such wonderful, trusting, loving people. It was so amazing to see all the love and support given to them from their family and friends. 

The entire day, beginning to end, was such a blast! I had Savannah shoot with me, and we had a killer wedding party on our hands! You'll see by the photos :) The ceremony and reception was held at Highland Oaks Church of Christ

Thank you both for trusting me to capture your wedding day! I enjoyed spending the day with you and your families as you tied the knot! I hope you find some photos that make you smile :) 

So sit back, relax, grab a cuppa joe, and enjoy the photos. 

above: you should have seen how stunning the back of her dress was :) soooo beautiful. And I'm still in love with her shoes :)

below: you like? I do! Thought it was "quirky fun." Gotta love a good church library :)

above: haha, I couldn't resist. Love this series!

above: one of my new favs! I'm telling you, this wedding had a killer wedding party!

above: for all the Apple lovers. This one goes out to you :)

above: most of these girls were in club together at ACU, Ko Jo Kai, and this is the signature move of this club, especially for Sing Song. We just had to do it!

above: gorgeous AND delicious cake. Loved the jewel detail on the cake!

above: Lindsey and Eric go rock climbing together. The characters on the cake were meant to match them and the gear they use when they go. So sweet!

below: The men of Gamma Sigma Phi, and the ladies of Ko Jo Kai. It's a tradition :)

above: doesn't this look like it's underwater or something? Trying to float to the top?

Hope you both enjoyed your honeymoon down in Mexico!