Rachel May | Portraits

Meet dear sweet Rachel May. She was the first photographer I met when I moved up to Virginia, and I believe the first facebook message I received from her went something like this, "I just wanted to say hi and tell you I think we should be friends since we love photography and live in the same town :) haha." And that's how it all started! 

Rachel's about to launch her new branding soon and wanted to get some new headshots/portraits done for her site... Something soft, feminine, and natural to compliment her style. She had a vision for the whole shoot, which included waking up a 5:30am to catch the perfect morning light, an old chair, overgrown grass, and clothes to coordinate with her branding colors (and yes, we went shopping for the shoot. Any excuse to go, haha). Well, we arrived at the chosen location to find a freshly mowed field...not going to work in either of our books. So, we took a drive down the road in hopes of finding a hidden gem we could use. Boy did we find one! Check out this field! OOOH GLORY DAY!! haha, we were thrilled! 

I just have to say, I love how her personality shines through these photos. I can't tell you how many photos I took of her laughing! Reminds me of her session with her hubby!

To conclude the session, Rachel had me over for HOMEMADE PANKCAKES!! YUMMO!!! Perfect way to end a session and start the day!! Thanks, Rach!

Thanks for asking me to shoot your headshots! I hope you find some in here you'll love! Enjoy!

(above: LOOOOVE!)