The AMAZINGNESS that is Ampersand Photography | Personal

Lately I have felt so utterly, and completely blessed. Things are starting to fall into place, and Fredericksburg is really starting to feel like home. Joel and I have finally been plugged in at church, we're making new friends together(even tried real sushi for the first time!), and I've been meeting so many WONDERFUL photographers lately! And the coolest part? They're all Christians. I'm a huge believer in surrounding yourself with like-minded folk, and boy is it happening, more than I ever thought. Awesome right?! I think so :)

Yesterday, after much planning on both our parts, Sarah of Ampersand Photography and I finally got to meet! We'd both been told by other people we should be friends, and they were so right (thanks Rebekah!)! We met up at Fredericksburg's BEST coffee shop, Hyperion Espresso, for coffee, warm conversation, and tea cakes(highly recommended by Sarah, and yes, it was AMAAAAZING!). 

Let me tell you, Sarah is a top-knotch kind of gal. I loved hearing her thoughts on photography, because it wasn't anything I'd heard before. She got into photography as another form of communication...she's a writer. She uses photography to communicate thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc on a different platform than written word. Plus, she said that she loved how photography gives you an instant connection with people. That it's a way for God to show things to her and her clients that they may have never seen or even looked for. 

And get this. She's going to NEW ZEALAND for 4 weeks in the fall! I know, how'd she land that?! She teaches with IPS, the Institute of Photographic Studies, and they plan trips to beautiful parts of the world to host workshops on photography. Ahhhhh, killer job!!! I'm telling you, photography will take you places!! 

Anyways, all this to say, Sarah is solid, amazing, and simply delightful to be around. You should be friends with her too :) Can't wait for our next tea chat!

Check out the sweet post she wrote today! Thank you Sarah! You ROCK!!