GoGo Gorgeous Makeup Artistry | Spotlight

Back in May, I met up with Amanda and Kristen at Chipotle for some tastey food and lots of ideas about collaboration and business growth. Amanda and Kristen have recently launched their makeup artistry business, GoGo Gorgeous, and we've linked arms to build up one another. Let me just start off by saying these 2 ladies have some KILLER talent. I just knew they'd be good, but then I saw them in action...oh...my...gaaaaw. They are AMAZING!! At the end of July, we decided to throw a little "makeup party," if you will, with a mini photo shoot to show off their stunning work. Plus, the shoot was a whole new realm for me as a photographer...I used lighting!! I'm a huge natural light photographer, but I really enjoyed the challenge this shoot brought me. I'd really like to delve into this type of shooting more...any volunteers?! haha

Speaking from behind the camera, this session also showed me the value of clients getting professional makeup done for their shoot. See how dynamic, smooth, and camera-ready each model's look is? AHH-mazing. It makes such a big difference. Not to mention the difference in attitude we saw in each girl after they had their makeup done. Talk about confidence boost! How can you not be confident when you look that beautiful!

And a HUGE thanks to our models for coming out! Ya'll were fabulous to work with!

So what's to come? Well, Korie Lynn Photography and GoGo Gorgeous Makeup Artistry have joined forces to offer a senior portrait experience. Want to feel like a rockstar for the day? Call us. Seriously. Senior sessions with us include makeup, hair, wardrobe styling, and 2 hours of camera time with makeup artists on hand throughout your shoot to ensure you look your best the entire time. Want to do your session with a friend or 2? We're game! Contact me for more details. Oh, and we'll even do that silly "draped" photo you need for the yearbook :)

So future clients, just something to think about. I know these 2 STELLAR makeup artists...you should talk to them :) They'll make you GOOOORgeous!

Makeup: GoGo Gorgeous (Amanda Swink & Kristen Poblacion) getgogogorgeous@gmail.com

Models: Kate Campbell, Gena Kennedy, Alyssa Lawson, Erin Pitts, Patricia Waggoner

Photography: Korie Lynn Photography