Heather & Ryan | Bridgewater, VA Engagement Photographer

Meet Heather and Ryan. This sweet, kind-hearted couple live in Bridgewater, VA and opted to have their engagement session on their farm. When I heard this request, I was thrilled at the chance to shoot there! You'd think being from Texas I would have been on a lot of farms by this point in my life. Not the case at all. And get this...it's a dairy farm!

The drive to Bridgewater, VA was beyond gorgeous, I just ate it up. It was the perfect drive...gorgeous and no traffic whatsoever :) Win win! The only thing I was worried about was the weather...there were dark clouds and tiny sprinkles all along the way...hopefully it would hold off for the session! And it did. Perfectly. And when I hopped back in my car to drive home, it rained a beautiful rain. I was most blown away by the view outside my windshield on the drive home. Those dark clouds were so low they just hugged the mountains as tight as they could. Ahhhh, love that.

Heather and Ryan are getting married next month here in Fredericksburg, and I couldn't be more excited for their day to come! In the mean time, take a look at their photos :) And I'll have you know...I only stepped in 2 cow pies during the entire shoot! haha, but thankfully Ryan saved my shoes and hosed them off for me :) Thanks Ryan!!