Sarah & Aaron | Fredericksburg, VA Engagements

This session makes me want icecream. And cotton candy. And to go to the fair with my man and ride the ferris wheel. Oh wait, check and mark!!

Meet Sarah and Aaron. This is one simply amazing couple. So sweet, tender, and completely connected with one another. Sarah is currently attending school at JMU to become a high school english teacher, while Aaron is studying to become an engineer. And they have 2 baby turtles. Named after 2 of the ninja turtles: Leonardo and Donatello!

Thank you both so much for fully trusting us with your session, and being willing to try anything we threw at you :) Ya'll are amazing! I hope you enjoyed the session as much as we did; finishing at the fair couldn't have been a more perfect way to end it in my eyes. Now it just leaves me wanting cotton candy!!

I hope you enjoy the photos! Take a look :)