Our First Anniversary | Personal

Today, Joel and I celebrate our first anniversary as marrieds!! I can't believe it's already been a year! It really flew by. This day last year I remember waking up at Chelsea's house knowing it was the day I was going to marry my best friend. As I left her house, I vividly remember her mom waving goodbye to me out the front door saying, "October 2, 2009. Your wedding day!" 

Joel and I celebrated by going out on the town last night, and even ran into a couple I just shot earlier in the week! Love that! Anyways, we enjoyed our evening thoroughly, and spent some time reminiscing on the events of the past year together. The highlights? Moved clear across country with our puppy dog in tow, enjoyed our first holiday season as marrieds, got jobs, started a business, went to our first B&B together :), traveled to Texas for my best friend's wedding, made friends together as a couple, and just plain enjoyed each other's company. I'm sure there's many other things in here I'm forgetting to include, but that's ok :) One of my favorite little things about being married to my Joel is our kiss goodnight before we go to sleep, and our goodmorning kisses. It's the BEST!! 

Joel, here's to our first year and many more to come! I love you, sweetheart!