Emily & Reggie | Fredericksburg, VA Engagement

Let me start by saying Emily and Reggie are just head over heels for each other :) There's no doubt about that. It's so completely evident in how they interact with each other, play with one another, and just simply love on the other! In other words, I adored taking their photos just to be able to capture this sort of love! 

A bit about the couple: Emily is an interpreter for the deaf at an elementary school, while Reggie manages a restaurant in Woodbride, VA. They got engaged in Ireland (what a dream!!) around St. Patrick's Day, and share a love for all things Irish. They also have 2 sweet labs at home :)

Emily and Reggie, thanks so much for being your amazing selves!! Take a look, hope you find some photos you can't live without :) Enjoy!