Halloween | Personal

We take our Halloween costumes seriously. But we did have one rule this year. The rule: You cannot purchase anything for your costume, you must be able to find everything you use at home. DONE! Throw that rule in with 4 creatives, and this is what you get!

Amanda: Bad 80s Prom

Raul: Crosswalk Supervisor

Joel: Jedi Knight

Me: Sock Monster...I steal socks from the dryer. 

Sidenote: the Sock Monster idea was all Joel's...I just loved it and had to follow through with it! I mean, come on...I got to show up in sweatpants with socks safety pinned to my clothes all night. I felt like a laundry hamper! RAWR!! Our precious dogs also participated this year :) Betty was a cow, complete with udders, and Sir Finnley was a chicken!