Maren | Fredericksburg, VA Portraits

Meet Maren. Full of joy...check. Creative....check. Huge heart...check. Wears a dirndl to work....check! All of these... total 'wins' in my book :) Maren is a junior at James Monroe High, and works in downtown Fredericksburg at The Bavarian Chef. She showed up to the session in a yellow cardigan, and I just knew we'd relate :) I love me some cardigans! And I love me everything yellow! What can I say?! I know what I like :)

Maren is a big advocate for a project called Watering Malawi. You've got to take a minute to check out their site! Here's a little except from them on Maren: "Maren, a sophomore in Fredericksburg, Virginia, decided to do something big.  She is interested in the possibility of a large-scale water project and launched an effort to raise funds for a water project that could take up to ten years to complete. Maren traveled to Malawi with members of her church to understand the needs more clearly, and continues to communicate this story from a teenager’s perspective in her community.  A similar student trip is planned for June 2011."

Amazing, yes?! I think so :) And for now, enjoy Maren's photos!

Aren't her kicks AMAZING?!