Nicole & Jareen | Wedding Reception | Photobooth

Nicole and Jareen tied the knot in Jamaica a couple months ago, and decided to have a reception with their family and friends to celebrate in Fredericksburg! I've never heard so many kind words spoken about a couple in one place; so many of their closest family and friends got up to share stories, advice, and mutual love for the couple during the reception. It was so sweet!

And guess what else took place during this event?! Our photobooth!! Yes, it's still nameless, but it's in the works :) The photobooth is such a blast for guests to come and be crazy during the reception! Joel and I had such a great time with the guests!! 

So take a look at Nicole and Jareen's portraits and photobooth!! Enjoy!


Had to end with a couple photos of Joel and I...this is why we work :)