Surprises | Personal

I have to say, my hubby is the best!! He knows how to make me feel like the only girl in the world :) Monday, Joel came home from work and asked me to clean out his big deal. So I opened it up on the way to the kitchen and saw a glittery gold bag on top! I immediately dropped to the floor and proceeded to open the bag. I was already excited that there was a surprise in there for me, but had no idea what it was! I LOVE SURPRISES!! When I opened it, I saw the beautiful colors and knew exactly what he had done...He went and picked up the ornament I've been wanting for over a year!! Not even kidding. I know this may seem silly, but he knew how special it was to me, and it means even more coming from him :)

Last year, Joel and I started an ornament exchange between each other. When I went out last year looking for his, I saw this cute little owl ornament and just hoped Joel would pick him out for me! I hinted and hinted about it, but Joel, being who he is, wanted to surprise me then and pick out something on his own accord...I've learned this :) Anyways, so when it came the day to exchange...the cute little owl wasn't there. So I just figured I'd get him on the day after Christmas sale. No such luck. I can't tell you how many Pier 1's we visited looking for this little guy! I figured I'd never find him again...

But Joel did!! They have the ornaments back in stock this year!! YAY!!! So if you love this little guy as much as I do, and he needs to be on your Christmas tree....go to Pier 1!! 

I'm tellin''s the little things :)