Victoria & Dillon | Orange, VA Wedding Photographer

Where do I even begin with this wedding?! I feel so connected to this wedding in particular for so many reasons! Here goes: 1) The day Tori and I met back in January, she booked me on the spot for her October wedding... 2) She was my very first booked wedding in Virginia after Joel and I moved here!... 3) We now share the same anniversary date!! I shot her wedding on my first anniversary to Joel! :) ... 4)Throughout the wedding process, we'd share ideas, trends, and just plain got to know each other along the way :) I love this girl! 5) She planned her wedding with the details in mind knowing they'd be photographed on her wedding day! I can totally relate because I did the exact same thing!! :) And I have to was completely worth it :)

Tori and Dillon tied the knot at a B&B in Orange, The Inn at Westwood Farm, on the most perfect October day. It couldn't have been prettier. It was so much fun for me to watch Tori's dream wedding become a reality on this day! Talk about an excited, joyful, carefree bride! It was written all over her face! And not to mention, she was willing to do anything and everything in her gown for awesome photos :) My kind of gal! Before the ceremony, she planned time for her and her bridesmaids to drive down the road for a little photo shoot...they CLIMBED on top of the haybails!! No ladder, so stepstool....nothing. I was so impressed!! 

Tori and Dillon, thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your wedding day! I'll always think of you guys on October 2! 

And I apologize upfront...this is a rather long post :) There was so much eye candy!! Her details mixed with the sweet venue...I just couldn't help myself! So sit back, relax, and enjoy!! 

SOOO excited :) The black and white coming up is the image that comes to mind when I think of Tori! It's so her!