Welcome to the new home of Korie Lynn Photography!

YIPEE!!! I can't tell you how thrilled I am that this is finally live! I've been working on rebranding my business since July, and it's so refreshing to see it all come to life. I remember one summer morning, sitting on Rachel's couch as she asked me questions while jotting my answers down in a notebook. What's your favorite color? What's your favorite animal? What are 3 words you'd use to describe yourself? What's important to you? And so on...little did I know how much that one morning would shape my new brand :) 

Why'd I make the switch at this point? Well, a few reasons. But the main reason is that I wanted a brand that could grow with me and I with it. I was afraid my previous logo would soon become outdated. Plus, I just wanted something that was simple, clean, and modern...as far as the logo itself. I kept that part simple :) For the site, I just wanted it to be everything I love. 

I wanted to share the evolution of the design process. My initial idea was to have a horizontal blog...which I purchased, started double blogging here and there for a couple months, and even started backblogging it. Moving from squarespace to wordpress is not fun. Along with the horizontal blog, I'd have a personally designed ShowIT site to display my portfolio just how I wanted it. I went through color scheme after color scheme, changing and adding all sorts of design elements preparing for my ShowIT site. (See initial design below) Sounds good right? It gets better :) One night, I tossed and turned over all this...trying to decide if I should even do showit and keep the horizontal blog, or if I should stay with squarespace. Something about squarespace just makes me happy, and I didn't want to leave. So here I am! A squarespace blogsite. A one stop shop. And I couldn't be happier!

To make my design become a reality, I hired Loosely Related to code my site to fit my design. They did a fabulous job, and super fast too! I am so happy with the outcome! 

So what do you think!? I hope you love the change as much as I do! Take a look around, there's still a few minor things that need to be updated, but other than that, it's ready to rock and roll! 

I'm please to welcome you to the new blogsite of Korie Lynn Photography! Enjoy!

Above: initial design idea...Below: executed final concept :)

 And with these new changes, the final step is moving my custom URL over to this site. Soon it'll simply be korielynn.com! Watch for the announcement!