Amanda | Fredericksburg, VA Bridal Portraits

I'm about to get my Christmas celebration on...but before I leave the blog for a few days, thought I'd leave you with some beyond gorgeous bridals! You many recognize Amanda from her previous bridal session...the one on the purple couch?! Well, it's her again! Since she had 2 jaw dropping gowns for her wedding day, we opted for 2 separate bridal sessions, both showcasing different sides of her personality. The first session was the natural/eclectic side to her personality, and this session...well, it definitely showcases the glam/drama background side to her. Love the drama in these photos!

This session opened some doors for me, giving me a chance to try out some ideas and techniques I've been dying to for a while now. As for the results? I'm soooo very pleased :)

Brides, if you're wondering, "should I do bridals? Are they really that important?" YESS!!! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate who you are as a woman, bride, and almost married lady! It's to honor you. Not to mention how exciting it is to wear your gown with full hair and makeup before the about anticipation for the big day! Having bridals done is a great time to schedule hair and makeup trial runs, as well as a mock up of your wedding bouquet from your florist. This is such a special day for brides and those close to them. Usually the mother-of-the-bride will come along to the shoot for support, but really, it's all part of what makes the session special if you ask me :) Think about it. It's a chance for the mother-of-the-bride to be with her baby for a few hours all by herself in her gown. I remember my mom coming along with me when I had my bridals done, and I wouldn't have it any other way! It's now such a great memory that her and I share!

Anyways, enough rambling from me :) I hope you enjoy the photos! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! 

Lastly, one of my favs :) Can you imagine this on a canvas?! eeeeeee!!