Amelia & Andrew | Charlottesville, VA Engagement Photographer

Baskets of apples, cupcakes, banners, a blanket, and laughter galore made this session what it is! Amelia and Andrew had been to Carter Mountain before to visit the apple orchard, and decided it would be the perfect venue for their engagement session! I couldn't agree more :)

Upon arrival and throughout the session, I felt like I've known these 2 lovebirds for years! They're so in love, and love the play with each other, not to mention their love for sweets! Amelia has a huge crush on all things cupcake, and not just because of the recent trend...she's a true fan. She used to work for a cupcake shop up in Manassas, VA! I would love to do that...Mainly to learn how to make them soooo pretty! Anyways, the reason I mention the cupcakes is because of their wedding! Their wedding is in May with a "love is sweet" theme! I CANNOT WAIT!! Oh, I just know it's going to be magical :)

Andrew and Amelia, thanks so much for being yourselves and sharing the afternoon at the orchard with me! I seriously cannot wait for your wedding day! But for now, enjoy the eye candy!

Apple anyone?!