Our First Gingerbread House | Personal

I love family traditions. I mean, I looooove them. One of my favorite family traditions is having homemade fried shrimp for Christmas dinner. Not even kidding. It's quite the process, but it's completely worth it :) I was born in South Texas, lived there until I was 13, and made returning trips all throughout high school. The gulf coast down there produces some of the biggest, tastiest, fresh shrimp I've ever had! So since we lived there, my family turned it into a tradition! Just thinking about it makes me hungry :)

So, with that said, Joel and I started a little tradition of our own this year. And I'm not saying it's a creative tradition by any means, but it's ours :) We're going to make gingerbread houses each Christmas season! But here's the catch...we'll alternate years on who gets to design the house :) This year was my turn, so I figured since it was our first time, we wouldn't get too ambitious. Instead of baking the gingerbread, we bought a kit for the walls! Shhhhhh, haha. But we did pick out the candy and made a plan of action for what went where. My favorite? The brick paved walkway :) I cut sticks of gum into tiny rectangles and laid them over icing! Joel's favorite? The candy people. He worked so hard on those! 

So enjoy our gingerbread house making process! Who knows what next year's will be...it'll be Joel's year to pick a theme!

Betty wanted some of the treats from the table sooooo bad!! 

I'm telling you...she really wanted some!

So instead of giving Betty candy, Joel decided to make Betty out of candy!

And here's the final product! TA DA!! :)

Joel also made him and I out of candy! Joel's is standing in the snow...and mine, well, broke in half. So she's laying in the snow making snow angels :)

Now it's your turn! Go make a gingerbread house and eat way too many sweets in the process :) Happy holidays!