Savannah & Brandon | Dallas, Texas Engagement Photographer

I'm soooo beyond excited to present Savannah and Brandon to the world wide web today! Saying they're a "lovely" couple just doesn't do them justice. They are genuine, creative, playful, outgoing, and so completely head over heels for each other....just for starters :) I've been friends with Savannah since college...holla ACU!! Anyways, we've been RAs together, had several graphic design classes together, and she lived 10 feet from my front door the last 2 years of college :) Savannah is SUCH a catch, and it was so amazing to finally meet Brandon, because the way I saw him look at Savvy...he KNOWS he's got a catch, too.  I mean...he knoooooows :) How could he not!?

Currently, they both reside in Dallas, Texas, where Savannah is a graphic designer, and Brandon is an actor. I love when 2 creatives fall in love!! Such a great combo. They have a huge appreciation for the arts and throughly enjoy spending time downtown in the Arts District. 

If you don't already know, I cannot wait to see you both again in March for the wedding! It's coming so fast!! It's practically tomorrow :) But for now, enjoy the photos!

See you in March! :)