Stacy & Josh | Fredericksburg, VA Engagment

Thinking about this session gives me warm fuzzies all over! We started at the park, headed downtown in anticipation for the antique stores to open their doors, then went to their place for a pancake breakfast! Fabulous way to start any weekend if you ask me! Ah, so good :)

I met up with Stacy and Josh for coffee before their session to discuss different ideas we could do to make their session unique to them. By the way, future couples, if you want your session to be different, let's get together and talk about it! Makes a difference! Anyways, Stacy and Josh love exploring antique stores, cooking, and are very playful with each other in their relationship. It was also important to them to incorporate a vintage theme to go along with their upcoming Michigan wedding. So naturally, we started at the park, went to an antique store downtown, and then went to cook breakfast! So. Much. Fun!

Stacy and Josh, thank you so much for asking me to take your photos! Ya'll were a blast to spend the morning with! I completely enjoyed witnessing your playful love for one another! Enjoy the memories! :)

Time for a little antiquing :)

Below: Stacy's grandmother made this quilted banner just for their save the dates! Isn't it AMAZING?! 

After the antique store, we headed back to their place for a delightful pancake breakfast :)