Heather & Brandon | Couple in Love

Once upon a time, a husband and his wife decided to turn an ordinary fall day in Virginia into an extraordinary one...and asked a photographer to come and document this day. That's me, that's me! Haha, ok, so I just couldn't help by starting this post with "once upon a time" because of all the books throughout the session! I apologize for the cheese :) What can I say, it was bound to show up on the blog. 

Heather and Brandon have been married over 5 years, and decided it was time for some updated photos of the two of them. I just have to say, I'm a huge fan of married couples having photos taken to document their relationship! SO. MUCH. FUN. Plus, when another photographer asks YOU to take their photos, talk about an honor! Heather is a wedding and portrait photographer up in Alexandria, while Brandon works for a terrorism research center and is working on completing a PhD in criminology. Heather and I decided it's uber important for photographers, especially, to get on the other side of the camera every now and again. It reminds us what our clients are feeling and thinking as we just snap away! It quite refreshing :) So, with that said, Joel and I have had our fair share of being on "the other side" since we've been married. What can I say, I'm obsessed with photos...hence the profession! 

Anyways, enough chat from me. Take a look at the lovely Heather and Brandon! They are completely in love, and adore laughing with each other. Does it get any better?! Thanks for asking me to take your photos! Hope you enjoy!