Nicole & Travis | Fredericksburg, VA Engagement Photographer

Question: "How do you guys feel about being buried in leaves?!" Answer: "Sure, why not!" Nicole and Travis were the brave souls that buried themselves COMPLETELY in a pile of leaves for a good photo. A great photo :) Nicole told me a few weeks later they were finding leaves everywhere for the next few days after their session! This, my friends, is complete dedication to your photography :)

When I was editing this batch of photos, Joel leaned over and gave me his opinion on the buried photo..."You remember on The Office, when Angela was trying to take photos of Jan's baby to make it look like  an Anne Geddes' photo? That's what this reminds me of." Hah! Funny thing too. Just, instead of babies it's adults....buried in the leaves. Oh dear. I still can't believe they crawled under those leaves for me! Completely worth it :)

Nicole and Travis are both in the military, and are getting married on quite possibly the most appropriate day of the year for two veterans. They're tying the knot on 11-11-11 which is Veteran's Day! Love that! They are a couple that is very down to earth, ready to have fun, and definitely up for doing anything thrown their way! 

So to you, Nicole and Travis, I hope these photos bring big smiles to your faces! Thanks for asking me to take your photos and trusting me through the whole process! (Especially the leaf burial!) Take and look, and enjoy your photos!