Celebrating Joel's Birthday! | Personal

Joel and I just got home from our favorite little "home away from home" to celebrate Joel's 25th birthday! We stayed at the always wonderful Mark Addy for the weekend and stayed around the area being both tourists and locals :) On Joel's birthday we went to a couple local wineries (Veritas and Hill Top Berry Farm) to do some tastings, then stopped to grab some pizza for lunch and went back to the Mark Addy to eat it and have cake! Now, I tried sooo hard to surprise Joel with a cake that I baked at home and built at the inn...but he knew about it from the beginning of the trip! He found the evidence in the sink right before we left we for the weekend! Now I know I have to clean up the FULL mess next time I want to surprise him :)

I'm so happy I got to celebrate with my hunny on his birthday this year! It was such a treat for us both to celebrate while taking a little winter retreat in the mountains. I look forward to many more birthdays with this special guy! And in years to come...I'm sure I'll get much better at keeping my surprises a secret from him :)

To your 25th year, sweetie!