Kellie | Baltimore, MD Portrait Photographer

Unlikely as it might seem, one of my best friends from Texas moved clear over to the East Coast this year!! Baltimore, baby!! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to have her only 2 hours away instead of what, 22 hours to Texas! A couple weeks ago, I was able to make the short trek up to Baltimore for a little weekend visit. I'd been dying to see her new apartment...and BOY! It's AMAZING!!! Don't tell her, but I'm soooo jealous ;) It couldn't be any more perfect, or any more Kellie. I'm pretty sure her new place was made for her. Old wood floors all throughout, dark wood doors, cast iron radiators, TONS of gorgeous window light, and even precious little doorknobs. Aaaaand, it's in the sweetest building EVER. My goodness, it's a little jem and I'm so happy she gets to live in it :)

It was so refreshing to get to just hang out and not worry about work or anything while I was there! We made lots of food (I blame my new guacamole obsession on Kellie, thanks), painted her radiators, went antiquing, scoured the town for coconut Kisses, went shopping (how I've missed shopping with a close friend!), had dinner with her boyfriend, oh, and decided to have a little impromptu photo session! Shocked?! Not at all :) Put 2 photo dorks in the same room and it's bound to happen. Come on, you know it's true!

Ok, I realize this is getting lengthy, so enjoy the photos! And go check out Kellie's work at White Porch Photography!

I shot Kellie's photos in the morning, then we broke for lunch (of course), and Kellie shot me in the afternoon! Thanks soooo much, Kellie! I was just itching for some new headshots and they are FANTASTIC! love you!