Victoria & Wes | Fredericksburg, VA Engagement Photographer

God bless the Texans. Ever since I've moved to VA, I can't tell you how excited I get when I learn someone is from Texas! So when Victoria and I started emailing about their engagements, I just couldn't wait to meet them! They're both from the Lone Star State, and graduated from college there; Victoria from Tech, and Wes from UT. All through high school and college, these two participated in gymnastics. That's where they first officially met. However, Wes' parents have photos from his gymnastics competitions in high school, and sure enough, guess who makes an appearance in a few shots....Victoria! Just a few feet away from each other :) How sweet is that?! 

Victoria and Wes are also both in the Navy, with Wes being stationed in Corpus Christi, TX currently. I have to say, their session was such a blast! I went home and my face hurt from laughing so much! They know how to enjoy each other thoroughly...and laugh so much! 

Thank you both so much for spending this cold, overcast morning with me! I enjoyed getting to know you both and wish you all the best in life! :) Enjoy the photos!