Betty & What Scares Her the Most | Personal

She's always had quite the personality, full of emotions, and we love her for it. She also has some pretty funny quirks. But some of them you just start to feel sorry for her! Like last night...But before I get to what happened last night, I have to tell you what started all this. Our backyard doesn't have a fence, so we tried one of those perimeter collars for Betty. You know, the ones that warn you with a beep when you go out of bounds, then they shock you if you ignored the warning!? Well, the first day we put it on her, we showed her the boundary with flags, let her hear the beep, then would bring her back in bounds. Well, we let her try it on her own. The collar beeped. Then shocked. And Betty jumped SKY HIGH! I never thought she had that much in her to get as high as she did! She IMMEDIATELY ran back to the house and cowered at the door. SO SAD!! We waited a few hours and tried it all again. Same story. So, that was that with the perimeter collar. She just couldn't handle it. 

Well, we didn't realize how traumatized she was from the whole experience. A few weeks later we played a game of Scrabble. With a timer that beeped. Apparently, the timer triggered Betty's experience with the perimeter collar and she freaked out, cowered all night, and would hide from us. We didn't put two and two together until a few hours later. She was a wreck, bless her heart! So now we're aware of anything that beeps...the microwave, the dryer, the Scrabble timer, etc. 

Fast forward to last night. She sleeps in the bedroom in a little bed on the floor on my side of the bed. Usually, when we go to bed she goes to bed, no problem. I take that back. Sometimes she likes to "go exploring" in the bedroom when the lights are off, and all we hear is her bumping into this and that. Her favorite is crawling under the bed...she barely fits, so it's pretty amusing. Anyways, last night we heard her stirring around with her collar tags making all sorts of noise. So Joel got up and took her outside. When he came back, we thought she'd be fine. That's when we heard the sound. It was the smoke detector. It had run out of batteries, so it would make this awful beeping sound about once a minute. Just enough to set Betty off. She was pacing, quivering, begging to get on the bed and cuddle...the whole nine yards. So, like the loving parents we are, we picked her up and let her stay on the bed with us. Well, you'd think this would do the trick. A good cuddle. Nope. Not at all! So Joel got up again, took the batteries out of the smoke detector, and came back. Betty? STILL freaking out. So we put her back down in her bed and hoped for the best.

When it's time to wake up in the morning, we have a routine. And so does Betty. She wakes up, pounces around the room with her heavy paws, excited to start a new day! Today? Silence. We couldn't find her! We panicked. Joel eventually found her wedged under the bed not moving. I later found out everything that went through his head at that point: "I'm going to have to take the day off....How am I going to tell Korie her dog is dead?!....we're going to have to get another dog." Joel thought when he saw Betty's lifeless body under the bed that she had worked herself up so much that she had a heart attack! Thank goodness she didn't!! I would have been devastated. He pulled her out from under the bed, plopped her on the bed, and she was fine :)

All this because she can't handle the sound of a "beep."

Bless her heart.